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                                             Did you miss our 40th Reunion?

           Our next reunion will be in 2018 - About 1,298 days away!

                          Please send us your information anytime to keep our lists up-to-date.   Click the blue information form link below!

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August 5, 2013-

A very successful 40th reunion was held on Saturday, August 3, 2013. It was held at the Visalia Convention Center with about 110 people attending. To see who attended, click on the "News" tab or CLICK HERE.

 In order to collect information from classmates in an efficient way, an electronic form has been created to gather the information for future reunions.  In fact less than $5 was spent on postage for the last reunion - because almost everything was handled electronically.  To submit information click this link: Whitney Class of 73 Information Form. Registration does not commit you to attend reunions, but helps us to know how to share occasional information  with you about news or events that pertain to the  Mt. Whitney Class of 1973.

Although we have subscribed to Classmates.com during the reunion years, we do not keep it up in off years because of costs. We also can not control the amount of "messages" and reminders that they send out.  Address, phone number and email information can be submitted by using this form or by emailing updates throughout the years to myron@sheklian.com. The best way to stay informed about the Mt. Whitney Class of 1973 is right here!

 We have created a FaceBook page as well. If you are on FaceBook, please "like us" and encourage fellow classmates that are your "friends" to do the same. Using FaceBook is another way of making sure people can find out about what we are doing. Please share this link and information about the reunion with others in our class.

Please check the "In Memory" section of this website. Unfortunately, we have lost an unusually high number of members over the past years. We feel that it is important to remember our classmates and acknowledge their passing.  If we have missed anyone, please help us by passing along confirmed information.

Core Committee Members: Steve Strong, Renee(Airoza) Rocha, Robbin (Burr) Reid, Sue (Green) Sa, Melanie(Presley) Casares, Susan (Veyna) Onstott and Myron Sheklian.

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